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With over 13 years of experience under his belt, Union City Probate Attorney George Derieg is a veteran when it comes to probate cases. He has handled hundreds of cases with different types of estates. He also takes cases that involve jury and court trials. So, whether you need legal advice, probate assistance, or counsel for litigation cases, Derieg Law Firm is here for you.

Let Us Help You

The Derieg Law Firm has been relentless in its effort to help the good people of the Union City in going through the difficult times and the lengthy probate process, in the aftermath of the loss of their loved one. Here is how we help our clients.

  • Follow the Right Procedure

Probate is a multi-step process. From choosing an estate administrator to finally closing the estate, there are many legal actions involved. Each of these actions requires you to fill up a multitude of forms, honor deadlines, submit different documents, and do so much more. If any of the processes are not done via the right channels, then you can end up with a case that is more complicated than what you started with. So, it is only wise to consult an experienced and reputed law practice like the Derieg Law Firm and allow them to guide you through each micro-step, the right way.

  • Ease the Pain

You are already dealing with a personal loss. Legal proceedings should not become another burden on you. We understand that the probate process can be stressful. Therefore, we take the stress out of the probate process and handle the whole thing for you. We involve you only when it is absolutely necessary, which isn’t often.

For George Derieg, it is not just a job, but an avenue to help people. So, he puts all his effort and time to do everything perfectly. He will make sure that the probate process is wound up as soon as possible. It does not matter if he has to schedule visits to your home, meet you on weekends or at odd hours that are convenient to you. Derieg Law Firm does whatever we can do to be of help to our clients during this difficult time.

  • Relieve the Stress of Probate Fee

Probate fees can be quite expensive, because they depend on the size of the estate under the probate process. The fee can grow considerably if the case involves any complications. More the issues, the longer the probate process. Therefore, we perform a conduct extensive research to ensure that your probate process does not stretch longer than it has to. We are completely transparent about our fee structure and there are no hidden charges. In fact, our first consultation is free. We even offer a 10% discount for some select clients, but that strictly depends on the kind of case we are dealing with.

For a better Union City probate experience, reach out to Derieg Law Firm today at 510-355-2747

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