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The founder of The Derieg Law Firm, George Derieg, was born and raised in San Lorenzo. He is one of the most popular and accomplished attorneys in the Alameda county and receives probate case requests from across the county. But, it is his local community in San Lorenzo that has a special place in his heart. If you live in San Lorenzo and need a probate lawyer, then contact us at the Derieg Law Firm. We are all family here and will take care of you like our own.

Probate is a Long Legal Process, Seek Help

After going through the loss of a family member, the probate process is the last thing on your mind. However, it is a legal process that you have to go through in order to inherit the assets which your loved one left for you. But, it is a long procedure and can easily stretch from anywhere between 6 months to 18 months. Professional legal help will let you sail through the process. Your experienced attorney will collect all the documents, file the relevant forms, fulfil all the mandatory requirements, and keep you updated about the case. But, that is an ideal scenario.

More often than not, it might become difficult to discuss the case with your attorney because they are always busy. You either get an email from them, end up talking to their assistant or find yourself consulting a paralegal. This is the last thing you need when you are mourning the loss of someone you loved.

That’s Why You Need The Derieg Law Firm.

The Derieg Law Firm is a compassionate practice that understands your tribulations and helps you through every step of the way. Here is why you should pick us for your upcoming probate proceedings.

  • Expertise

George Derieg has been practicing law for well over 13 years now. He completed his secondary school education right here is San Lorenzo before joining the highly coveted UC Berkley. He started his career as a public defender and later went on to open his own practice. During this course of time, he has resolved hundreds of probate cases and drafted many estate plans. His diverse experience has also armed him with the knowledge and skills required to deal with any kind of challenges that a case can present him.

  • Easy To Access

The Derieg Law Firm has built a strong reputation for itself by providing expert advice and compassionate service to its clients. When you bring a probate case to us, George Derieg gives personal attention to what you have to say. We can arrange meetings at our office, at your home, or at any other place and time that is convenient to you. No matter when you call, Attorney George Derieg will respond.

  • Local Lawyer

Since he started his private practice in 2010, George Derieg has been dealing with probate cases. He knows the system inside out and can help you seamlessly complete the process in a minimum amount of time. Probate laws are complex and peculiar to each state. So, if you are hiring a lawyer, make sure that they are local and experienced.

If you want to schedule a meeting, call The Derieg Law Firm at 510-355-2747. Your San Lorenzo Probate Attorney. You can also catch Attorney George Derieg at the public library in time. He is the Lawyer in the Library every second Tuesday between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.


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