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Union City Probate Attorney George Derieg is your Alameda County Probate Lawyer. Mr. Derieg has been in practice for over 8 years and is not only experienced handling all types of estates in probate court in Alameda County, Mr. Derieg is also experienced in court litigation including jury trial and court trials in the event you need an experienced Union City Probate Attorney in litigation. Alameda Probate Court can process your probate cases and unless you are very proficient in the Alameda County Probate Court System, your cases could last for years before resolution. Mr. Derieg has handled a large amount of cases where family members are in over their heads and need a professional to take the reigns and help bring the probate case to a resolution.

Union City Probate Attorney: Let a Professional Handle an Already Stressful Situation

Union City Probate Attorney George Derieg understands that you are already having to deal with a very stressful situation with a family member passing away. Probate is not an 8-5 job for Attorney George Derieg, he constantly makes home visits, hospital visits, after hours, weekend appointments. We at The Law Office of George Derieg know you need help and you need it immediately. There are certain specific legal actions that must be taken to appropriately bring an estate from petitioner to closing motion. If you miss a step, it is likely that your case will linger in the Alameda County Probate Court System. These are stressors you don’t need, on top of mourning the death of your loved one. On top of that, don’t assume probate fees will be expensive if you hire The Law Office of George Derieg.

Union City Probate Attorney: Probate Fees

Probate Fees can be considerable, generally the larger the estate, the larger the fee. But adding in any complications to the probate case could cause extraordinary fees. If you hire Attorney George Derieg to probate your estate in Union City, Mr. Derieg will explain to you up front what the probate fees will be, and in certain cases, you could qualify for a 10% reduction of fees.

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San Leandro Probate Attorney 510-355-2747

San Leandro Probate Attorney: What is probate?

Alameda County Probate Attorney

Probate Attorney George Derieg will help you understand the probate process in Alameda County. Probate is the court supervised process of gathering a deceased person’s assets, paying off debts and creditors, and then transferring these assets to either named beneficiaries in a will, or if there is no will, through intestate succession.

Why Should You Hire a San Leandro Probate Attorney?

San Leandro Probate Attorney, George Derieg, recommends that you hire a local probate attorney if there is real or personal property located in San Leandro, Alameda County. You do not necessarily need to hire a local probate attorney, but it is good practice to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the area said property is found. If you are looking for a probate lawyer in or around the city of San Leandro, call George Derieg for a free consultation 510-355-2747.

San Leandro probate attorney: If you need to sell your loved one’s property

Attorney George Derieg is the probate attorney you will want taking care of your loved one’s assets in San Leandro. Attorney Derieg lived in San Leandro during his law school years and is very familiar with the city of San Leandro. The Law Office of George Derieg has handled a large amount of probate cases where assets in San Leandro have to be transferred. Mr. Derieg has a working relationship with a large amount of very successful real estate agents as well, in the event you will need to sell a home, Mr. Derieg will guarantee that his recommended real estate brokers/agents he works with will use the utmost care in handling your recently deceased loved ones property.

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