Pleasanton Probate Attorney 510-355-2747

Pleasanton Probate Attorney George Derieg 510-355-2747

Contact Probate Attorney George Derieg today for a free probate consultation if you or your family is in need of a probate attorney in Alameda County, or at least the east bay area. Pleasanton Probate Attorney George Derieg has the experience and knowledge you will need in order to work through the complicated legal process that is Alameda County Probate Court.


Pleasanton Probate Attorney: Free Consultation and Flexible Hours

Pleasanton probate attorney Derieg has the most flexible work hours of any working attorney in the east bay area. Mr. Derieg will make home visits, make appointments after hours, and will put you and your case first on his priority list. Pleasanton Probate lawyer George Derieg will not let you down and he will keep you informed of everything that is going on.


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Pleasanton probate attorney: probate faqs

Pleasanton Probate Attorney Derieg at 510-355-2747 will answer every question you and your family has before he even begins to discuss hiring his office to probate your family member’s estate in Alameda County. Mr. Derieg enjoys giving advice and will sit with you and your loved ones for as long as possible. Pleasanton Probate lawyer George Derieg wants you to feel comfortable and as stress free as possible. In the event you have questions, please visit our page that breaks down the probate process here. Frequently Asked Questions About Probate.

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Pleasanton Probate Attorney: How Long Does Probate Take?

Pleasanton Probate Lawyer George Derieg does not want to take his time s much as you want the Alameda County Probate Court Process to take a large amount of time. Mr. Derieg will file a petition immediately, and as soon as a designated family member is appointed as administrator, Mr. Derieg will fly into gear and make sure the estate’s affairs are wrapped up within 4 months of you or your family member’s appointment. Alameda Count Probate should take no ore than 6-18 months at the longest.

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