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A living trust created by a competent attorney is key to financial security and rightful transfer of property to your loved trust

Living trust is the most popular option among people to transfer their hard-earned assets to their trusted heirs. If you choose to take this route, make sure that you have a trusted attorney to guide you through the way. If you live in the East Bay, then you should get in touch with The Derieg Law Firm.

What is a Living Trust?

It allows you to pass the title of your assets to an individual or individuals of your choice, while you are still alive. However, you continue to retain complete control of your assets. This eases the process of transfer of assets after your death.

Why a Living Trust?

The popularity of Living Trusts can be attributed to the multiple benefits it has to offer:

  • No probate procedure to be followed by the heirs after your demise.
  • Save lawyer fee and court charges levied during estate settlement.
  • Keep information about your finances private. They do not need to become a part of the public records.

Living Trust is a fuss-free way to pass on your assets to your loved ones.

Why Derieg Law Firm?

We, at the Derieg Law Firm, firmly believe in offering straight, simple, and insightful legal advice to our clients. George M. Derieg, the man, is the best Oakland, CA probate attorney. He brings in over 10 years of professional experience with him. The rest of our staff is also highly competent and highly qualified to handle any kind of legal matter related to trusts and estates, no matter how simple or complex they are.

The Process

Our first step is to make sure that all your questions regarding living trusts are answered. It is important that you have a clear understanding about what living trusts do for you. Once you are sure about what you need, we sit down with you to understand your typical needs. We will then offer our expert advice to recommend the best solutions available to you. At the same time, we make sure that all your typical needs for the living trust are accommodated in the final document.

The Services

  • Free Legal Consultation
  • Drafting a living trust
  • Creating a will
  • Medical directives
  • Consultation on Power of Attorney

We are always here for you

  • Free Consultation

We do not charge you for the first legal consultation with us. We understand that legal matters are complex and we are happy to offer you our advice to help you understand everything you need.

  • Free Modification

As an expert in the field, we understand that a living trust may sometimes need modifications. Considering that it is such a regular occurrence, we do not want to unfairly charge our clients for modifications every now and then. So, we offer them one annual modification in their living trust completely free of charge.

  • Constant Support

A member of our team will always be there to take your input and answer any questions that you may have. We can also arrange home visits for you.

Secure your family’s financial future right away by creating a living trust. Derieg Law Firm is here to help you through each step of the way.

Call us today at 510-355-2747 for your living trust.


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