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Livermore Probate Attorney, George Derieg will help your family in Alameda County Probate Court. If you have a loved one who died either with a will or without, and they left assets in Livermore, Ca, then you will need Attorney Derieg. George Derieg has the experience your family will need to pass through the Alameda County Probate Court.

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Probate Attorney Derieg

Attorney George Derieg understands that you are going through a very difficult time mourning the loss of a loved one, and Attorney Derieg will help relieve you and your family of the stress involved in trying to understand your next steps. Probate Attorney Derieg will sit down with you and your family and explain in full detail everything that will need to happen in order to transfer assets from your deceased loved one, to named beneficiaries, or through intestate succession.

probate attorney intestate succession

Attorney Derieg will explain to you the ins and outs of intestate succession. When a person dies without a will, then their property (real or liquid) shall be distributed pursuant to California Probate Code section 6400 and its progeny. Intestate succession is the best way the court has to figure who gets what when no will establishes distribution. Probate Attorney George Derieg is the expert you will want in order to answer all of your questions.

Livermore Probate Lawyer: Attorneys Fees

Attorney Derieg also understands that probate fees can get very high, and during your initial free consultation, Mr. Derieg will evaluate the estate and give a ball park figure of how much your probate case may cost, including court fees. Mr. Derieg’s policy is to educate every client so they understand each step in the complicated process we call probate.

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Attorney: Giving back to the Community

Attorney Derieg gives back to his community. George Derieg volunteers at local libraries at least three times per month. Mr. Derieg has given so much to his community that his hometown of San Lorenzo, California declared him a hometown hero in the local newspaper.





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