Fremont Probate Attorney Derieg 510-355-2747

Fremont Probate Attorney George Derieg 510-355-2747

Fremont Probate Attorney, George Derieg has the experience and the knowledge you will need to help navigate the Alameda County Probate Court system. When a loved one dies, who does not have a probate avoiding estate plan, you or another family member will need to be appointed as an administrator of the estate in order to officially help transfer assets to beneficiaries that are either named in a will, or through something called intestate succession.

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Fremont Probate Attorney: Don’t reinvent the Wheel

Fremont probate attorney George Derieg doesn’t advise handling probate without a lawyers help. There are a multitude of legal transactions that must be completed before an estate will close legally, which is when all beneficiaries get paid. Let a legal professional take the burden of navigating Alameda County Probate Court for you. You are already having to deal with a very stressful time in your life with the loss of a loved one, let Fremont Probate lawyer George Derieg take the stress off of you.

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Fremont Probate attorney: 510-355-2747

Fremont Probate Attorney George Derieg will sit down with you for as long as you need and explain all the scenarios in probating an estate. There have been many times during Mr. Derieg’s career that probate was not needed, but another legal motion could be used, saving his clients tens of thousands of dollars just over the past few years. Probate attorneys do not get paid until the end when the case closes and the court orders fees to be paid. Understandable that Alameda County Probate fees can be pricey, they are actually set through state law found in the California Probate Code. Attorney George Derieg is flexible with his fees and in some cases grants a 10% discount to qualifying cases.

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