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When you have a process as complex as probate in front of you, it is a good decision to consult an attorney before taking a step forward. There are a lot of compliance requirements that you need to fulfil and a qualified attorney will help you meet every single one of them.

The Derieg Law Firm has been serving the Fremont region for almost a decade now. We know how the system works and we are ready to use our expertise to make the probate process easier for you. Here is what we have to offer.

Highly Coveted Lawyer

probate attorneyWith a combined experience of over 13 years in both the private and the public sector, our founder, Attorney George Derieg is the best Fremont probate attorney you want on your case. Since he has worked on both sides of the legal machinery, he understands the probate courts better than most. The UC Berkley graduate has served hundreds of clients through his practice.

The Derieg Law Firm will do all the heavy lifting for you, be it filing the case, collecting the documents, submitting the necessary forms, keeping tab of the court orders, case proceedings, or anything else related to your probate process.

Personal Touch

At the Derieg Law Firm, we believe in practicing law with compassion, especially at a time when our clients are going through the loss of a loved one. We will do our best to assist you through these sensitive times. When you contact the Derieg Law Firm, you do not talk via just emails, assistants, or paralegals. You are talking directly to the attorney who is going to represent you. George Derieg goes the extra mile to make sure that his clients are offered the best service. He will always respond, whether you text, call, or visit him. We can schedule your meetings at our office, at your home, or any other location that is convenient to you at a time that works well for you. He will sit with you and understand your case thoroughly, down to the minutest detail.

The Derieg Law Firm loves to be a part of the East Bay community and we consider the residents here as our family. We are a law firm that practices a professional yet compassionate approach.

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Complete Transparency

The secret to Derieg Law Firm’s impeccable reputation and efficiency is our transparent processes. We make sure that the clients are always updated on their case details and furnish the required information as quickly as possible. We also make sure that you are clear about the pricing structure, because you have to pay the attorney fees only after the estate is resolved. The Derieg Law Firm also offers a 10% discount on select cases that qualify for it.

Are you looking for a Fremont probate attorney, then call  510-355-2747 right away for a free consultation with the best probate lawyer in all of California.


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