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George M. Derieg, Esq.

When Californians need a sympathetic and accomplished lawyer to take care of their family legal matters during sensitive times, George is always the first person they call.


George has been a practicing lawyer for well over a decade. His rich and illustrious career began as a Deputy Public Defender in the San Joaquin County in 2005. He dedicated the next five years of his life to keeping the streets of America safe from all kinds of hardened criminals. In 2010, George became a father and that’s when he quit his job as the Deputy Public Defender and took up Trusts and Estates handling. Over the better part of the decade, George has built a strong reputation for himself as one of the most competent and reliable Trusts and Estates attorney in all of California, especially in the Bay Area counties.

hayward probate attorneyEducation

George M. Derieg was born and raised in San Lorenzo, California. He completed his high schooling at Arroyo High School, and attended the Chabot Junior College. After completing college, he enrolled at UC Berkeley for under-graduation in Bachelor of Arts, Sociology. Soon after graduating from UC Berkeley, George immediately joined the Golden Gate University School of Law in pursuit of his dream career in the legal space. After graduating from his law school in 2005, he passed the California Bar Exam the same year, and began his career in flying colors as a Deputy Public Defender.

Professional History

Attorney George M. Derieg, Esq. launched his career in 2005 as a Deputy Public Defender in San Joaquin County. A year later, he transferred to Solano County, where he was to continue in his position of Deputy Public Defender until 2010. During his time in the Public Defender’s Office, George has handled thousands of criminal cases of varying degrees of crime, including misdemeanor DUIs, human trafficking, manslaughter, sex offense crimes, drug related crimes, domestic violence, and other forms of battery and assault.

At various points during his tenure in the Public Defender’s Office, George was simultaneously handling anywhere in the range of 300 to 400 active clients. After 5 years of intense and relentless public service, George promptly quit his job after the birth of his son/daughter in 2010. This was only the beginning of a new era. He started his private legal practice which covers trusts and estates.

Over the past years, George has had extensive experience in the matters of trusts and estates.

George creates estate plans that are perfectly aligned with his client’s personal and tax objectives. He has carefully drafted countless number of estate plans that include everything from living trusts to powers of attorney, wills, medical directives/living wills and probate of decedent’s estates. However, George now handles only probate and estate planning.

George ensures that his client’s assets are completely protected from all angles – be it business partners, family members, creditors, ex-spouses, and so on. His strong commitment to his clients and his reliable services has made George a highly reputed probate attorney in all of the Bay Area counties, of Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Solano County, San Joaquin County, and Marin County.

George M. Derieg, Esq. offers Free consultation to first-time callers. He can be reached at – 510-355-2747

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