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Probate Lawyer George Derieg specializes in probate in the County of Alameda. George Derieg has lived in Alameda most of his adult life, and recently opened up his private practice at 2219 Santa Clara Ave, close to City Hall. If you have questions about probate, or need help with probate in Alameda County, then Alameda County Probate lawyer Derieg is the lawyer you will need.

Alameda County Probate Attorney

Call Alameda County Probate Attorney George Derieg for a free consultation 510-355-2747

Alameda County probate lawyer 510-355-2747

Probate Lawyer George Derieg unlike most lawyers, answers his phone when you call. Mr. Derieg schedules usually the same week you call, and has an afinity for making home visits. In your time of mourning, Mr. Derieg understands that sometimes hours can be hectic, and you need your questions answered, Mr. Derieg will answer them even during off hours. One of the first things probate lawyer George Derieg will tell you is to always, always, always call him first if you have a question. Do not consult the internet, do not consult friends or family. If you have a probate question, it is his duty to answer them, and he wants his clients fully informed of everything going on in your case.

Alameda county probate lawyer George Derieg

probate lawyer George Derieg prefers to meet monthly to discuss your probate case in Alameda County. The probate process takes up to a year to complete and in some circumstances a little longer, and Mr. Derieg will want to discuss all work he is or has performed on your case each and every month your probate case is active.
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Alameda County Probate Lawyer 510-355-2747

Probate lawyer George Derieg offers free probate consultations, and in some circumstances, Mr. Derieg will also give discounts. Call now to schedule a free consultation. or use the contact form here. 

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