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A qualified probate attorney can offer peace to a family coming out of the loss of a loved one. At George Derieg’s law firm, you will find a helping hand that will guide you through the probate process, one simple step at a time.

What is the Probate Process?

Probate is the legal process that is followed to distribute the assets of a deceased person among their legally identified heirs. It requires collecting all the relevant documents related to the will, including the living trust, bank records, bond certificates, stocks, real estate, and any other asset following different legal steps. Once the assets have been recognized and the claims to the assets have been proven, they are distributed among the beneficiaries, who are usually family members and friends.

Why Do You Need A Probate Lawyer?

Legal and financial matters are best dealt by trained professionals. Probate includes both of these areas. A probate lawyer has the exhaustive knowledge, the practical experience, and the right set of tools that help in settling both financial and legal issues that arise in a probate process. Also, the probate laws differ from state to state. So, it is always a wise call to hire a lawyer who is well-versed with the laws of the state.

Why Derieg Law Firm?

Headed by George Derieg, the Derieg Law Firm has worked with multiple clients to help them through the probate process. If you live in Almeda, then you should only hire us. Here’s why:

  • Highly Experienced

With 10+ years of professional experience behind him, George Derieg is the man you want to be managing your probate process. After serving as a Deputy Public Defender, George Dereig opened his own practice. The Dereig Law Firm has experience with every kind of probate process. So no matter how complex your case is, the firm is equipped to handle it.

  • Local Lawyer

We are located on Santa Clara Avenue near the City Hall. Our founder, George Derieg has spent most part of his adult life living and practicing law in Almeda County. He knows the legal process in the county like the back of his hand. No wonder the Dereig Law Firm is one of the most respected and approachable law firms in the local area.

  • Regular Interaction

Probate is a complex process that brings with it plenty of questions. We are here to answer all of them for you. We will keep you updated on the status of your case. We can also arrange home visits for clients who either cannot visit our office or feel more comfortable discussing certain matters at their home.

Alameda County Probate Attorney
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A Law Practice With A Heart

When you work with us, you will find us available to answer your questions and queries at all times. Death of a loved one is hard as it is. Having to deal with a tedious legal procedure only adds to the duress. When you come to us, you are in the best hands and go through a completely hassle-free experience. All you have to do is share the relevant documents, follow our lead, and leave the rest to us.

For more queries, give us a call at 510-355-2747

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Alameda County Probate Lawyer 510-355-2747

Probate lawyer George Derieg offers free probate consultations, and in some circumstances, Mr. Derieg will also give discounts. Call now to schedule a free consultation. or use the contact form here. 

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