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If you are looking an Alameda County Probate Attorney and Estate Planning Attorney, then you don’t have to look any farther than Attorney George M. Derieg, Esq. As the founder of The Law Office of George M. Derieg,  Mr. Derieg has a solid understanding of the California state probate court system. Attorney Derieg handles, probate,  litigation, estate administration, , wills , powers of attorney and medical directives as well as numerous other legal proceedings.

Alameda County Probate Attorney

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Why You Need an Alameda County Probate Attorney: Estate Administration Can Be Stressful

After your loved one has passed, you will need to perform a series of tasks to help make transitioning property and assets helpful. You will need to seek the expert advice of Alameda County Probate Attorney George Derieg. Don’t add more stress to the already stressful situation of a family member passing away, you need the helpful advice of Attorney George Derieg.

 The benefits of hiring attorney George derieg, alameda county probate attorney

Mr. Derieg has handled probate cases throughout all of the State of California, but he considers Alameda County his county of residence. Attorney George Derieg will sit down with your family and simplify the Alameda County Probate process to you. Mr. Derieg does not charge by the hour, like all probate lawyers, he will not get paid until all probate matters have been finalized in court.

Alameda County Probate Attorney George Derieg will work tirelessly to make sure your case is handled swiftly.


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 Alameda County Probate Attorney



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